In this 90-minute mockumentary, Orange County Crazies founder, Cherie Kerr, finds herself in the middle of the most stressful production of her 40-year comedy career…

I’m not scared to admit that both halves of the movie are equally funny, and more than a few times, I laughed out loud – but was rarely ever without a smile on my face.

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…film is masterful at plumbing every little hysterical depth it can muster to showcase the “misery” for our benefit

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The Show Can’t Go On! Is a can’t miss comedy…

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Coming Soon: 3rd Annual Matricher Falls Internationel Film Festival (the sequel to) The Show Can’t Go On!


The Show Can’t Go On!

In what appears to be her last show, a burned-out sketch comedy writer/director shares a behind-the-scenes look at the “mounting and sustaining” of “Orange is the New Orange”; a sketch comedy show that skates on the edge of disaster. It’s a look at what could go wrong—what did go wrong.

The 90-minute feature starts with the first table read and takes the audience to the final curtain–the last night of the show’s run. And, through every calamity along the way.

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About The Film

Onstage Faux Pas & Backstage Chaos

Meet The Director

Cherie Kerr is a founding member of the world-famous L.A. Groundlings and creator, founder, and artistic director for the Orange County Crazies, a sketch and improvisational comedy troupe.

Meet The Cast

Everybody worked so hard to make this film a success. Find out about the very talented cast & crew that worked on ‘The Show Can’t Go On!’

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Ree-invent Films is committed to making the best cinematic projects possible–those expressly that provide humor with a moral message.

Look Who’s Talking…

Delivering Humor With A Moral Message

“Like the great docu-comedies “Waiting for Guffman” and “Nashville,” The Show Can’t Go On! finds that delicious balance between painful truth and laugh out loud funny.”

Michael Gellman. Senior Director. The Second City.

“This specific show must CERTAINLY go on, and I hope it will reach the platforms and audiences it deserves. It’s brilliant, dark, deep, and highly entertaining—movie making at its best.”

Anabelle Munro, CEO / Festival Director, TMIF

I’ve done dozens of sketch shows in the past 30 years, but never have I encountered such madness. It came down to laugh or cry. I preferred to laugh and so did many others in the cast.
Cherie Kerr. Director & OC Crazies Founder

“The film is different, authentic and very funny.”
Owen J. Sloane, Entertainment Attorney

“With Cherie’s comedic genius and her talented cast, this film is definitely going to end up on your radar somehow.”

Meghan Orkins, Casting Director/Writer