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The Show Can’t Go On!

Screening Dates

January 18th, 2020 | 7PM
De Pietro Performance Center
809 North Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

IndieFEST Film Festival - Award of Recognition

February 5, 2020

Re: Ree-invent Films Honored in The IndieFEST Film Festival

Contact: Shannon Dugger:               303 619-3949 or David Martinez:                714 550-9890 or Cherie Kerr directly:          714 271-2140




Takes home first win in film festival journey

Santa Ana, Calif.—Ree-invent Films, a small, independent film company, based in Santa Ana, Calif. was notified on February 4, 2020 that it had won “An Award of Recognition” for it’s mockumentary, “The Show Can’t Go On!,” from The IndieFEST Film Festival, according to SCGO’s producer/writer/director, Cherie Kerr.

“We are thrilled to have been given such an enviable honor,” stated Kerr, “The film was an incredibly fun film to make and it’s really gratifying when you begin to be recognized. The entire cast and crew worked so hard to make the production a success and I applaud each of them for their efforts.”

The IndieFEST Film Festival receives hundreds of entries every year. They choose 44 entries for an “Award of Excellence,” 44 winners for an “Award of Recognition,” and 90 films for an “Award of Merit.”

Loosely based on Kerr’s last sketch show in 2019, the O.C. Crazies struggled to put up and keep up, “Orange is the New Orange,” a stage play at the De Pietro Performance Center in Santa Ana. The show included five theme pieces featuring “The Rich Housewives of Orange County.” Those sketches were combined with a handful of other unrelated sketches, none of which particularly hit the mark much to the dismay of Kerr and many of the show’s cast members.

“It was a matter of making lemonade out of lemons,” says Kerr. “We had to find a positive outcome for the sluggish production. So, we made a film about it.”

“The Show Can’t Go On,” tagline lives up to the narrative of the film: Iffy Actors, Conveyor-Belt Crew, and One Burned-Out Sketch Comedy Director.

The film’s original music score by Ryan Roberts, features a single instrument: an upright acoustic bass (in a jazz format). The various tracks written expressly for the film punctuate the chaos of the goings on, both on and off stage. “Ryan’s score is amazing,” Kerr states. “His compositions were exactly spot on!”

Others on the SCGO team included Dennis Limmer, who lent his artful touch as editor to the film, with assistance from Keagen Fritz. Katherine Lorentz served as Unit Production Manager and Shannon Dugger, Consulting Producer. Chris Warren headed the shoot as Director of Photography and Elliot Rodriguez handled sound, while Prateek Damodaren was recruited for 1st A.D. tasks. He also appeared in the film as a pushy tech director. Those who did not perform in the stage show, but were recruited for the film include: Elizabeth Millan, Lianne Silano, Barbara Wilder, Ashly Reynolds, Sam Stokes, Skylar Falgout, Robin Fitzgerald, Caitlin Zinn, Durk Thompson, Paige Dugan, Ray Feiner, Dave Stevens, Jake Boldt, Georgia Leigh Davis, Ben Straley, Eddie Villa-Lobos, and Joe Ortiz.

Eric Anderson also served as an Executive Producer, along with Kerr. Others who backed the Ree-invent Films’ production included: Keishan Entertainment and Ticasa Productions; those two teamed up with Cupcake Feetures and Seaniebird Productions to lend their support to the dark comedy.

This marks the second indie film for Ree-invent. In 2013, it debuted “We’ve Got Balls,” a family-friendly bowling cult movie that won eight awards along the film festival circuit; was picked up by distributor, Indie Rights, and is currently available on Vimeo on Demand, iTunes, Amazon, Fandango Now, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox Live, and Comcast X-finity.

“The Show Can’t Go On!”  has been submitted to other film festivals and team SCGO awaits the announcement of the other festivals’ selections.

The link to the trailer (mature audiences only; strong language) may be found here:

For more information on “The Show Can’t Go On!” please visit: You may also reach the production team at or 714 550-9890.

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