Everybody worked so hard to make this film a success. Find out about the very talented cast & crew that worked on ‘The Show Can’t Go On!’


Barbara Wilder (Greta)

Barbara Wilder is an international actress, filmmaker, artist, and journalist. She was born in Austria and is related to filmmaker Billy Wilder. Barbara Wilder started her career as a professional actress at the age of 13 in Europe. She is a classically trained theater and screen actress who worked as an actress in the UK, Germany, Austria, India and in the USA. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

Robin E. Fitzgerald (Cassie)

Robin Fitzgerald

Robin Fitzgerald hails from Chicago where she studied at the io Theater and The Second City. She also studied at the L.A. Groundlings. She loves both sketch and improv comedy and currently has a comedy series on YouTube “Fitz&Friends. She says, “This film was so much fun to be a part of-the cast and crew had a blast together-getting to know each other and laughing at our ridiculous characters, supporting each other and bonding. As a result, I have formed long-lasting friendships and am grateful to have been a part of this project. Playing deadpan, rebellious and laid back, newcomer “Cassie” was a lot of fun to play! I enjoyed the character’s lack of awareness to her inability to act” and “reactions from cast was magic. When Cherie directs Cassie to “be sexy” her reaction is a classic example of this. A lot of love among the cast, ridiculous situations, and unexpected twists! 

Cherie Kerr (Cherie)

Cherie Kerr, a founding member of the world-famous L.A. Groundlings, and founder of the Orange County Crazies sketch and improvisational troupe in Santa Ana, California, released her first film in May of 2013, “We’ve Got Balls,” a family-friendly comedy. Kerr just wrapped her second indie film, a 90-minute improvised mockumentary titled “The Show Can’t Go On.” The film was recently submitted to film festivals for consideration in 2020.

“We’ve Got Balls” made its world debut at the 2013 Newport Beach International Film Festival. It went on to win 8 awards along the film festival circuit, including an Official Selection at the Action on Film and Movieville International Film Festivals, and the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival. At AOF, Kerr took home awards for “Filmmaker of the Year,” “Best Comedy – Feature,” and “Outstanding Cast Performance.” The film also was first runner-up for the “ Best In Show” award there. The film also won “Best Comedy” at the Movieville event in September 2013 and Balls won two additional awards “Audience Choice” and “Best Feature-Bronze” at the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival in November 2013. During Indie Fest 2013, the film earned the “Award of Excellence” for a feature film and in 2014 the 47th WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival racked up an eighth honor for the film, “Silver Remi” for best trailer.

Kerr has won numerous accolades and rave reviews for her work over the years as producer/writer/director and has now parlayed her expertise and creativity into the genre of film. Having produced a number of comedy shorts for the O.C. Crazies over the past 30 years, Kerr founded Ree-invent Films in 2011 for the purpose of furthering her career interests and expanding her efforts from comedy shorts to full-length feature films. Kerr, named one of the “Top Ten Most Sensational People in Orange County” by Orange Coast magazine, has also been highly lauded for her work as a comedy writer/director, having garnered “Best Sketch of the Year” from the Los Angeles Times for her quirky sketch, “Too Much Shoulder Pad.” She was honored in October 2019 by Arts OC and given the Helena Modjeska Cultural Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement. Founder of three businesses, Kerr brings tremendous acumen and savvy to the table along with an abundance of her unique, enviable, and highly original sense of creativity. She is accustomed to mobilizing teams, utilizing the best resources, pumping out excellent products, and garnering results that translate into strong bottom lines.

Kerr is the mother of filmmaker Drake Doremus (“Like Crazy,” winner of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize), and since then he has gone on to make a number of other movies, including: “Breathe In;” “The Beauty Within;” “Equals;” “Zoe;” “Newness;” “Douchebag;” “Spooner;” “Moonpie;” and “Endings, Beginnings,.” He recently produced a documentary on the life of Anton Yelchin titled “Love, Antosha.” She taught and directed him on her stage at the De Pietro Performance Center in Santa Ana, Calif. as a member of the O.C. Crazies for 16 years before sending him off to the American Film Institute. Kerr was instrumental in guiding Doremus with many of his stage and film projects. She is the author of 12 books; “Charlie’s Notes” having been named a winner in the New York Book Festival. Two of her books include forewords by fellow Groundling alums and SNL players, Phil Hartman and Julia Sweeney. Over the years, Kerr has written more than 400 sketches, six screenplays, one full-length Broadway musical, and directed dozens of sketch and improv comedy shows. She also has starred in her own one-woman show, “Out of Her Mind.” In addition, she has won awards as a lyricist and journalist, and her long-standing public relations firm, KerrPR, has also won awards for its work over the past 42 years. She started ExecuProv in 1983, a company that teaches improv comedy techniques to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, which continues to thrive. Kerr is currently underway with her next film project, a full-length comedy feature, “Small Claims.” Kerr’s mission with Ree-invent Films is to provide full-length feature comedies that offer not only laughs, but moral/satirical messages that leave audiences thinking long after the laughter subsides.

Sam Stokes (Chris)

Sam Stokes

Having performed on stage and in films since the age of three, Stokes has had the pleasure of acting and singing in a variety of projects. She’s performed in Southern California and Germany in productions such as, Thoroughly Modern Millie, playing the role of Millie, she was a member of LA Connection Comedy Theater and is currently releasing singles and music videos with her band SAM & JAK. For more information or to contact Sam Stokes, check her website

“This project was such a fun and unique experience! One of my favorite things was the combination of scripted lines and improvisation we got to do on set. That whole bit where I threw the bread at Durk’s head was completely improvised! I never knew if an idea like that would work or not, but Cherie gave us a lot of room to play around and have some fun with our characters.” – Sam Stokes

Kim Sava (Jane)

Kim SavaKim Sava is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York and studied at the Groundlings in LA. She is best known for her recurring role as the evil gym coach on the Nickelodeon show, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. She performs theatre, stand up, and improv in southern California and most recently appeared at the DiPietro Performance space where the film, The Show Can’t Go On, had its genesis.

“It was fun working with Cherie to help bring her vision for the SCGO project to life. Her passion and boundless energy were truly inspiring!” – Kim Sava

Jake Boldt (Trevor)

Jake Boldt is an American actor and musician. He was born in Jefferson City, Missouri and after graduating college in Hilo, Hawaii he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

“This movie was the first project I worked on after moving to Los Angeles. It was so interesting to see how a movie is made and then to watch the movie after seeing it made was an incredible experience.” – Jake Boldt 

Elizabeth Millan (Estella)

Hi I’m Elizabeth Millan, I was part of the first group of housewives in the film. My character Estella would sit-around with the other house-wives during rehearsals, she is impulsive and would easily get frustrated because of the screw-ups of the rest of the cast. I loved working with Cherie as well as the rest of the cast members, this is my first film and working on it was a fun experience. Filming was great, I loved everyone’s reactions to certain things we would say. To me, the most memorable moment of making the film was my monologue, I usually don’t swear nor talk behind’s people’s backs but for this particular scene, I did both and I loved it, I said things I never saw myself saying in front of a camera so I loved the chance of experiencing doing new things. I laughed a lot while watching the movie trailer, I loved the performances, everyone is super funny, I can’t wait to see the film.

Skylar Falgout (Monica)

Skylar Falgout

Skylar Falgout makes her feature film debut in the Show Can’t Go On. Skylar is a Southern-Louisiana Born improv comedian and actress based out of Los Angeles. Skylar is a classically trained theatre actor and an  Upright CItizens Brigade Improv Alumni.

“I had so much fun improvising a terrible actor trying their hardest to be taken professionally as the character of Monica. This was such an enjoyable, high energy experiance that I will happily reminisce for years to come. Its such a joy to get to share this experiance with an audience.”  – Skylar Falgout

Matt Morrison (Maynard)

Matt Morrison
Matt found himself studying with The Groundlings and working in the mail room of a motion pictures studio after years of picking up dead bodies for the LA County Corner. His characteristic voice gave way to voiceovers and his stage presence to SCGOMovie. Now, obsessed with his Trump impersonation from the show, Matt can no longer gauge crowd sizes and has a runaway affinity for orange bronzer.

Ben Straley (Bernie)

Ben Strayley
Ben Straley is an American Actor from San Clemente, Ca. He has performed on stage at many theaters throughout Orange County. Some of his favorite roles include Leon Tolchinsky in Neil Simon’s “Fools” and Charlie Baker in Larry Shue’s “The Foreigner.” Ben is making his film debut in The Show Can’t Go On.

“I am extremely thankful for being cast in The Show Can’t Go On. It was a such a fun experience and I loved working with so many talented people. It truly was amazing to watch everyone because the entire movie was improv. There was no script to memorize. This made us Actors feel truly free to create as the story unfolded. You just showed up ready and played off of everyone. It was awesome! I want to thank our Director Cherie for giving us this opportunity!”

Rich Flin (Mitch)
I play the part of Mitch.  I have been doing acting for the better part of 40 years, from community theater to improv and sketch comedy (Including the OC Crazies).  I am an original member of the Crazies from ’90 tp ’95.  I loved doing this film with all the new cast members I have had the chance to work with–new friends such as Matt and Kim who were part of the the stage play which the film is loosely based on.  My heart goes to Cherie who is and has been a great friend for years and asked me if I wanted to help her with the  audition process. She later asked if I would like to be in the show ….I said yes.  Not knowing that this production would take place from October of 2018 and end in June of 2019!   I would say the most fun of it all was working with Cherie again and working with such talented actors  that left me with a fun and wonderful memory.  I would do it all over again . 


Gerardo Villa-Lobos (Eddie)

“What I liked most was endlessly waiting around in the lobby and being underutilized while working on my side hobby, and playing hide-and-seek with Cherie who was unaware that I was really looking for a place to sleep. She’d always find me.” – Gerardo Villa-Lobos

Georgia Leigh Davis (Kendra)

Georgia hates writing bios, so generally programs will be filled with comedic nonsense. One of her more recent submission states, Georgia Leigh Davis is really excited to be back on an improv stage! She wants to thank the wild unicorn herd that stole this talented team away from their various projects and brought them to her. 

Lianne Silano (Marilyn)

Lianne Silano is very proud to be a part of The Show Can’t Go On, her first film shot out in Los Angeles. Lianne moved to LA from New Jersey 2 years ago, where she earned a degree in Acting for the Stage at Rider University. She is very excited to have started her film journey with Cherie and the SCGO crew, it was an experience she will never forget. She would like to thank all the cast and crew for their hard work and dedication to the project.

Tony Gracia (Victor)
Ashly Reynolds (Bridgette)

Ashly Reynolds was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she began her acting career at a young age. A professional quaintrelle, an amateur dilettante and a part-time actor, she can currently be seen in the dystopian web series “The Wasteland”, as well as the festival circuit favorite “One Hot Day”. 

David Stevens (Stephane)
Dave Stevens– Stefan a clueless tech has performed on several stages throughout Orange County. Some 
favorite roles include Dr. Frederick Treves in The Elephant Man, Ghost of Christmas Present
in A Christmas Carol, Paul Sycamore in You Can;t Take It With You, & Dr. Nikolai Zubritsky in Fools
He has also done Voiceovers including Sgt Simon Davis in the Emmy Nominated Documentary 
Voices of a Never Ending Dawn. He has also performed Stand Up Comedy, worked as a Disc Jockey in Radio,
and was a real Sound Tech in Guys & Dolls.
Some memories include seeing some of the real life drama playing out during filming. If there was another crew filming the making of the Mockumentary they might have some footage equal to that being filmed. Blurring the lines even further of art and reality.
Durk Thompson (Blake)
Durk Thompson is an American Actor born and raised in Anaheim, California. He is currently studying at The Groundlings Theatre & School in Los Angeles. Durk Thompson is making his film debut playing the part of “Blake” in The Show Can’t Go On. 
Working on the project with the cast and crew was incredibly fun. My role was pure improv, therefore, I had no idea what I was going to do or say. But, that made for some very interesting moments that I believe come through in the film. I am very grateful to Cherie for the opportunity to play the part of Blake in this film, and the entire cast for the amazing experience.” – Durk Thompson 
Caitlin Zinn (Bonnie)
Prateek Damodaren (Kyle Jennings)
Paige Dugan (Courtney)

Cast & Crew

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Dan Collins
Jett Collins
Susie Collins
Joanne Bentley
Carla Naranjo
Sarah-Jane Finch
Christa Irene
Mary Johnson

Robin Fitzgerald, Sam Stokes and Elliott Rodriguez

Attend the cast preview of SCGO footage on December 7th.

Produced By

Georgia Leigh Davis

Line Producer

Shannon Dugger

Consulting Producer

Cherie Kerr

Executive Producer

Prateek Damodaren and Cherie Kerr

Attend the cast preview of SCGO footage on December 7th.


Ryan Roberts - Music Composer

Roberts, a highly sought after bassist, has studied and played with many internationally recognized musicians, including:  Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report and session musician); John Pattitucci (studio session player); and Joel Di Barrtolo (bass player from “the Tonight Show,” during Carson’s era).

Roberts, who lives in Venice, Calif. is constantly gigging at various jazz venues throughout SoCal, yet still manages to host his educational and informative podcast: THE BASS SHED, which features intimate interviews with fellow musicians who share details of their respective career journeys and their artistic processes.

Chris Warren


Dennis Limmer

Film Editing

Katherine Lorentz

Unit Production Manager

Prateek Damodaren

1st Assistant Director

Keagen Fritz

Assistant Editor

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Making Music

Left, sits Dennis Limmer film editor of THE SHOW CANT GO ON and to the right is Ryan Roberts, musical composer as the two convene at the Ree-invent headquarters in Santa Ana Calif. to put the finishing touches on the 90-minute mockumentary edit. The film is due out in early 2020.