In this 90-minute mockumentary, Orange County Crazies founder, Cherie Kerr, finds herself in the middle of the most stressful production of her 40-year comedy career…

Anabelle Munro Review

The Most Important Films International Film Festival

“The Show Can’t go On!” is a tour de force of true comedy royalty. Cherie Kerr puts us right into the uncomfortable pressure cooker of the deep and dark underbelly of the grueling business of comedy performance and production at the highest level. Passive-aggressive is not the right word to describe the blood, sweat, and tear-drenched environment that this type of fast-paced, high-end comedy breeds in – no, openly hostile is a better definition – and, of course, it’s hilarious.

Only a pure-blood top-of-the-line director by heart could depict and guide us through the behind-the-scenes of directing and producing at its best in this way – and that as a female. The film is spiked with subtle yet sharp knocks on the head, especially when it comes to the level of disrespect each and everyone might experience. But the ever-beautiful and powerful Cherie, playing herself while delighting us with all the “bad stuff,” undoubtedly takes the crown as well as the whole humble pie home. And Cherie is a bad-ass. A professional, seasoned, intellectual with eyes like a hawk and a tongue like a knife – all delivered with the dead-pan no-nonsense attitude that only someone who has been there can recreate to make us cringe and laugh simultaneously. And she is likable at the same time – a balancing act that is almost impossible to achieve, especially when swearwords and harsh judgments fly out her mouth at the speed of light, matching her brain capacity and astonishing wit.

Truly, this is a behind-the-scenes mockumentary-style piece that takes it away with not only the extraordinary talent of Cherie Kerr but the entire cast. Switched out or not, (pun intended), the actors in “The Show Can’t go On!” are well-deserving of every single ensemble award that comes its’ way. Be it the outrageously “helpful” bulldozer Kendra or the guy that just can’t shut up about trying to make himself look bigger by talking about all his “experience,” or the actors rehearsing their SNL skits that were intelligently woven into Kerr’s master-piece, all personalities are priceless and we know we met them someplace in showbiz.

Kerr created a tribute to the comedy within comedy – or to say it in her own words: “I think everybody in comedy is fucked up”. I think Cherie is proving a point here… and I want all her outfits she is wearing in the movie, too. She is a force to be reckoned with and you are blessed if you get to enjoy this slice of her brilliance and professional life experience put upside down. Go watch this film and appreciate a gift from someone who truly knows what she is doing and how to hold her ground in a male-dominated environment without blinking once. This specific show must CERTAINLY go on, and I hope it will reach the platforms and audiences it deserves. It’s brilliant, dark, deep, and highly entertaining – movie-making at its best.



Anabelle D. Munro

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